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The pizza, often eaten by Italians as they stroll along the street may be one of the most popular Italian foods, as it is throughout the Western world, but Italian families still gather together at home for the main Italian  meal of the day. It is a meal based on excellent quality Italian food   ingredients   bought   in   local shops and markets. This is the kind of cooking that is the basis of the 240 delicious, easily prepared recipes in Italian chef recipes website are following.

SOUPS & starters

Salami, cold meats and hams are very much a feature of antipasti, the varied collection of hot and cold dishes often served as a first course in Italy. Particularly in the coastal areas, fish is also served in many different ways. Most Italian soups are quite substantial with the addi­tion of a generous sprinkling of grated Parmesan cheese.  


In general, the Italians treat their fish simply, with fewer rich sauces than the French like. Fish is often marinated before being grilled or baked. Not surprisingly, pasta plays an important part in Italian fish cookery. This chapter includes recipes for some of the more unusual fish and shellfish found on fish counters.




There are over one hundred different forms of pasta on the market in Italy, With the increasing popularity of pasta in this country, many more varieties — both fresh and dried — are now available. You can also make pasta dough quite easily. The recipes in this chapter have been chosen to show the versatility of pasta.




Meat, especially pork and the very popular veal, plays a big part in the Italian diet. Beef, grown mostly on the rich pastures of the north, and lamb and kid are also popular, while offal is used a great deal. Recipes here come from all parts of Italy and use a good variety of other ingredients with the meat.




Poultry and game are widely available throughout Italy, and Italian cooks use them, both whole and in portions, in many excellent and unusual ways. Recipes here include imaginative dishes with chicken, turkey, small birds such as quail and partridge, and game, including rabbit, hare and venison.




Pizzas are believed to have been invented by frugal Nea­politans to use up bread dough. Today, they are one of the world's most popular fast foods. Italian rice, too, has special qualities of flavour and cookability which give it great appeal at home and abroad. Classic recipes and new ideas for these great foods are included here.




Fresh, young vegetables feature strongly in the Italian diet. They are served in soups and as antipasti and salads. As main course dishes, they are often served stuffed with meat, cheese, rice, herbs and other ingredi­ents. Adapt the recipes in this chapter to suit vegetables which are in season.





Cheese and fresh fruit are usually served instead of a dessert but on feast days and other special occasions Italian families indulge in rich gateaux such as Cassata alia Siciliana. They eat their renowned ices at any time of the day. In addition to some tempting sweets, this chapter includes recipes for cakes and biscuits.







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